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Anjelo Ratnachandra is an award-winning practitioner who established one of the first private chronic pain/fatigue physiotherapy services in Australia. His unique set of skills in Physiotherapy and Counselling has led him to contribute towards numerous research papers in pain & fatigue management, and is the author of the popular self-guiding book Beyond Pain (picture displayed). Anjelo has extensive experience, having worked with chronic illnesses for almost two decades.  

His passion – empowering people with chronic pain, fatigue and mental illness – has led him to numerous awards in Occupational Rehabilitation, and, was the inaugural winner of Worksafe’s (Vic) Treating Health Practitioner Award in 2011. He has worked in Australia and overseas, and has presented at national and international conferences.

What’s most unique about Anjelo is that he has chronic pain and has suffered from symptoms of mental illness. Anjelo was an innocent victim of crime, having been set alight with a molotov cocktail whilst watching TV in the living room of a share house in East London; the culprits got the wrong house. Having suffered second and third degree burns, he was forced to utilise the very principles he was teaching his clients at a prestigious pain clinic in Central London.

However, Anjelo is no stranger to adversity, just 8-months prior, he sustained a spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and was given 48 hours to live. 5 weeks in hospital, and lifesaving lung surgery later, he found himself walking the streets of London. The doctors were baffled as Anjelo did not fit their typical criteria for this condition.

Then in 2011, whilst his wife was pregnant with their first, he was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, a leiomyosarcoma. The chance of getting such cancer is less than 1%.

Despite his adversity, he continued to work towards his childhood dream, and in 2010 reached Everest Base Camp.

More recently in his journey of self-discovery, he found himself in North India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, being trained in Ancient Himalayan Yoga. With increase research into the health benefits of Yoga, he has developed his own clinical style of conditioning programs incorporating yogic breath and postures called Yogaiso.

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