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Beyond Pain – Conquer your pain, reclaim your life

Do you suffer with chronic, persistent pain?

Are you sick of being told that nothing else can be done?

Beyond Pain teaches you step-by-step how to overcome your pain, and reclaim your life.

In this book, award winning physiotherapist, Anjelo Ratnachandra shares his knowledge and his proven pain management program to help you move forward with confidence. The same strategies can also be used to overcome chronic fatigue!

By drawing on his own personal journey through chronic pain, as well as those of his clients, Anjelo offers a cutting-edge book that is both a fascinating read, and an empowering tool for change.


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‘Wow, the impact this book has had on me and my chronic pain has been incredible! Anj’s easy to read and personalised approach to understanding and managing chronic pain was a breath of fresh air – he’s been the first medical professional (in a long line!) to take the time to educate me about  chronic pain, how it can affect you as a whole person (physically and emotionally) and how to manage it. He’s attention to focusing on the whole person and not just the pain has been the difference for me.

LOVED his traffic lights and roller coaster analogies just to name a few – an entertaining and highly informative read!


After two surgeries, my surgeon said I would never run again. Thanks to this book, I am now not only running, but also playing football with my son
– Nalin, 36, cafe owner.

Even easy things like going out became difficult. After reading this book, I finally understand my pain. My shoulder is stronger, I feel more confident, and now I can enjoy a night out
– Sheena, 21, student.

‘I injured my back at work, and suffered years of pain and depression. Within weeks of following the Beyond Pain program I was happier and healthier. I am working again and there is hope
– Sandra, 52, injured worker.

Beyond Pain offers fresh insights into what it is like to live with pain, and describes an array of strategies to enable a fully meaningful life despite pain. This book will be valuable not only to persons suffering from persistent pain (and their loved ones) but also to professionals seeking to understand pain coping.
– Prof Francis J. Keefe, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Professor of Medical Psychology, Director – Duke Pain Prevention and Treatment Research Program (Duke University Medical Center).

A comprehensive and research-based approach to one of our community’s most significant health problems. This book offers practical, effective help for those with chronic pain to help themselves.
– Dr Toby Newton-John, Clinical Psychologist / Senior Lecturer.

A blend of personal experience, educational strategies and therapeutic efficacy; a must read.
– Lester Jones, Pain Physiotherapist.

‘Inspiring story with practical strategies, written by an exceptional individual. Beyond Pain covers all the bases.
– Dr Jine Perera, Anesthetist.

This book is really well written and makes compelling reading. I feel privileged to know you and hats-off for your courage in making your personal experiences available to us and our patients…’
– Dr Lucie Knight, Senior Psychologist.

‘You will never realise how much you helped me – thank you!!’
– Emily, 32, Executive Assistant


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