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These people have found their answer with Beyond Pain.

Client Testimonials

  1. Andrew

    My job requires me to lift fairly heavy objects on a daily basis. I love it, but after my surgery it became very difficult. Anj helped me get back on track.

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  2. Sheena

    I was having a really hard time with everything because of my shoulder. Easy things like driving, walking in crowds of people, hanging out with friends became difficult. Then I found Beyond Pain.

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  3. Georgina

    After my injury, life become very difficult. Simple things like playing with my grandchildren become painful and frustrating. I didn’t have an answer, until I found Beyond Pain.

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  4. Elizabeth

    “Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! I’ve really appreciated our sessions and all the ideas, tips and tricks you have shared. They have definitely helped to focus me and give me practical steps to move towards that rich and meaningful life we all want to live. Also, thanks for the…

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  5. Brad

    Beyond Pain has given me the tools and confidence that i need to deal with my pain.

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  6. Nalin

    When I first came to Beyond Pain, I felt debilitated and worthless. I had lost confidence in my body, particularly after my surgeon told me that I would never be able to run again. Beyond Pain changed my life. I have lost weight, improved my fitness and most importantly I can now run around and…

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  7. Lucy

    Now i can play with my son, carry him, and do the things a mum should do. This has changed my life.

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  8. Krystal

    I had a back injury at work and suffered with pain for almost a year before I found Beyond Pain. I had tried other treatments without much luck. Beyond Pain helped me to better understand pain and gave me the tools to get back to doing the things I enjoy.

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  9. Kay

    I’ve had chronic pain for over 20 years. I struggled through most of it. I couldn’t believe the difference after I finished the Beyond Pain program.

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  10. Cassie

    The Beyond Pain program is empowering. Gave me sense of control back over my life. I don’t live in fear of pain anymore.

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  11. Kylie

    I had a back injury at work, working as a home carer. Beyond Pain helped to stop me from taking drastic measures such as needles and surgery. They helped build my confidence and gave me a new lease on life.

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  12. Lauren

    After struggling with ME/CFS for over a year – having to give up my career, social life and active lifestyle i was referred to Anjelo through my insurer. Anjelo has a great holistic approach which has helped me hugely with my recovery. He obviously gets the challenges of this illness where most people (even health…

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  13. Melinda

    I’ve have CFS and Fibromyalgia for over 20 yrs. What Anjelo has taught me has changed my life

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  14. Lisa Westwood (QLD)

    I didn’t think my life was going to ever get better. My pain was so daunting every day for 2yrs. I had low energy and low self-esteem, not much hope for my future, so down and depressed feeling very alone. When Anjelo reached out and said he would help me… wow, I can honestly say…

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  15. Bruce

    Anjelo is far more than just a physiotherapist. He understands the “physical health – mental health” feedback cycle.  My case up until now has been completely about the mental health harm/damage caused to me by the workplace bullying….. back in 2010. Even now, there is absolutely no way that I am able to return to…

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  16. Gabrielle

    Wow, the impact Anjelo’s book has had on me and my chronic pain has been incredible! Anj’s easy to read and personalised approach to understanding and managing chronic pain was a breath of fresh air – he’s been the first medical professional (in a long line!) to take the time to educate me about chronic…

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  17. Angela

    I feel that in the few sessions I’ve had with Anjelo, he’s been able to do more for me as an individual person than anyone has been able to do over the last couple of years.  The tailored techniques I’m learning from Anjelo are more holistic and about what I can do for me. So…

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  18. Justin

    After sustaining a work related back injury and about a year of recovery through conventional physio I had reached a point in my recovery where progress had stalled and it seemed for months I was not making any progress. I was on heavy pain killers and getting bad flare ups which would keep me bed…

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  19. Julie

    I can’t thank Anjelo enough for how he helped me after my back surgery I endured a lot of pain for a long time not knowing what to do or who to turn to, I’m very grateful for meeting him because with His guidance and expertise I’m doing so much better I’m able to start back…

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