1. Angela

    Date: 2 Apr 2019

    I feel that in the few sessions I’ve had with Anjelo, he’s been able to do more for me as an individual person than anyone has been able to do over the last couple of years.  The tailored techniques I’m learning from Anjelo are more holistic and about what I can do for me. So…

  2. Nicole Gordon (VIC)

    Date: 2 Apr 2019

    Anjelo’s personal insight and experiences with pain management have been a great benefit to me overcoming living with chronic pain for a year! He has given me the hope and strength to overcome it with practical and sensible advice and I’m on my way to a full recovery! Thank you

  3. Julie

    Date: 2 Apr 2019

    I can’t thank Anjelo enough for how he helped me after my back surgery I endured a lot of pain for a long time not knowing what to do or who to turn to, I’m very grateful for meeting him because with His guidance and expertise I’m doing so much better I’m able to start back…

  4. Lisa Westwood (QLD)

    Date: 2 Apr 2019

    I didn’t think my life was going to ever get better. My pain was so daunting every day for 2yrs. I had low energy and low self-esteem, not much hope for my future, so down and depressed feeling very alone. When Anjelo reached out and said he would help me… wow, I can honestly say…

  5. Bruce

    Date: 2 Apr 2019

    Anjelo is far more than just a physiotherapist. He understands the “physical health – mental health” feedback cycle.  My case up until now has been completely about the mental health harm/damage caused to me by the workplace bullying….. back in 2010. Even now, there is absolutely no way that I am able to return to…

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