When hard work pays off

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When hard work pays off

When hard work pays off

Money can’t buy the rush you feel when you receive stuff like this…..


Hi Anjelo,

 I met you back in October at a Trigeminal Neuralgia support group and found your talk very inspiring.  I started reading your book shortly after the meeting and then within weeks I was rushed to emergency with pulmonary embolisms which I now know are caused by my neuralgia medication.   Your book helped me tremendously through my scary and sudden stay in hospital. I cried many times as I related to your pain and the emotions you experienced.  But they were good tears as I felt like I was reading and gaining the strength I needed at the precise time. Thank you also for sharing your story of how you met your wife. It was beautiful to read.

 Your book has taught me so much and completely changed my mindset.  I no longer fear the pain or let it own me.  I’m also weaning off my medication which I could never have done without the understanding you have taught me.  And pacing!!! That was the best thing for me to learn.  I now achieve more by pacing and feel like I’m having a normal life again. 

 I have so much gratitude for meeting you at the perfect time that I needed all this information.   I will update you when I’m completely off medication and have achieved my goal of managing my pain completely naturally.

 Once again, thank you for the inspiration, tools and knowledge that I needed in order to regain my life.

Forever grateful