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At Beyond Pain we provide programs in chronic pain, chronic fatigue and mental illness by addressing the physical and emotional components of their condition. Established by Anjelo Ratnachandra, an award-winning therapist and a sufferer of chronic pain himself, we understand that pain is more than physical. It can be emotional pain or fatigue related pain – which is why we take the time to understand your situation and to help both the physical and emotional you.


Personal Wellness & Coaching Plans

Beyond Pain has extensive experience in pain management coaching, fatigue management coaching, wellbeing coaching, wellbeing techniques, mental health coaching and stress management. We feel we have an edge over our competition because our programs are not only based on deep personal experiences but strong clinical reasoning and expertise.

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Workplace Health Consulting

Beyond Pain works with small, medium and large organisations on early intervention programs, injury prevention programs and corporate wellness programs to minimise the risk of chronic illness. We have run strategic programs and training on Workplace Culture and Wellbeing to help reduce injuries and improve workplace culture.

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We provide tailored 1:1 pain management service with Physio, Psych, EP & Pharmacy input all through our dedicated pain management video conferencing service.

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Anjelo Ratnachandra, award-winning practitioner and founder of Beyond Pain, is a regular on popular speaking circuits. He is considered a subject matter expert in chronic pain, chronic fatigue and wellbeing. Complementing this is his personal journey through pain and suffering, and, adversarial growth which is both inspiring and humbling.

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The Clinic

We are experienced in the treatment of chronic illnesses such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue and mental health disorders. You will be working closely with an experienced therapist on a tailored program to fit your symptoms and lifestyle. Our clinic is a platform that provides a range of tools required to assist you when working through your pain management program.

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What We Treat

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is physically and emotionally exhausting. We treat most types of pain- but not limited to neuropathic pain, CRPS, back pain, muscular aches, fibromyalgia and migraines. We understand and we can help.

Chronic Fatigue

People with ME/CFS find that activities they once took for granted take an enormous toll on their health. Our expert practitioners understand the realities of chronic fatigue and work extremely closely with clients to get them back to their best.

Mental Illness

Mental illness affects all aspects of life, it is often invisible and can leave people feeling completely helpless. Physically, it can lead to fatigue and muscle tension. We educate our clients on how to overcome these challenges, however they may present.

Symptoms We Treat

With Chronic illness, comes an array of symptoms. We treat nerve pain, joint pain, back pain, headaches, tingling, numbness, poor sleep, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, stress, just to name a few. We’ve been doing it since 2008. We can help you.

Beyond Pain Book

Currently, the only book of its kind- Beyond Pain is a three part book written by Anjelo Ratnachandra. The first part takes you on Anjelo’s journey through pain, suffering and success. In the second part, Anjelo shares his profound knowledge and understanding of pain, giving you everything you need to know to overcome your suffering. The final part is an easy-to-follow eight week program, that if followed correctly is guaranteed to improve your wellbeing. 

The strength of the book is in how easy it is to read!

The strategies in the book will not only help people who have a diagnosed chronic pain condition but can also people suffering from fatigue or a range of mental health illnesses.


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