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A unique conversation about chronic illness recovery, resilience, wellbeing and mental health

Anjelo Ratnachandra

Anjelo Ratnachandra, award-winning practitioner and founder of Beyond Pain, is a regular on popular speaking circuits. He is considered a subject matter expert in motivational coaching, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and wellbeing. He presents with a unique and candid speaking style.

His highly acclaimed talks on adversarial growth, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and stress management, empowering conversations, and the concept of Humanising Rehab are not only insightful but also thought provoking. Complementing this is his personal journey through pain, suffering, and growth is both inspiring and humbling to listeners.

Anjelo’s unique set of skills in physiotherapy and counselling has led him to contribute towards numerous research papers and is the author of the popular self-guiding book Beyond Pain. Anjelo has extensive experience, having worked with chronic illnesses for over 15 years.

His passion- empowering people living chronic pain, fatigue and mental illness has led him to numerous awards in Occupational Rehabilitation and was the inaugural winner of Worksafe’s (Vic) Treating Health Practitioner Award in 2011. He was also named Physiotherapist of the Year at the Australian Allied Health Awards in 2018. He has worked in Australia and overseas, and, has presented at national and international conferences.

His Story

What’s most unique about Anjelo is that he manages his own chronic pain and has previously suffered from fatigue and symptoms of mental illness. In 2006, Anjelo was an innocent victim of crime, having been set alight with a Molotov cocktail whilst watching TV in the living room of a share house in East London; the perpetrators got the wrong house. Having suffered second and third-degree burns, he was forced to utilise the very principles he was teaching his clients at a prestigious pain clinic in Central London.

Anjelo is no stranger to adversity. Just 8-months prior, in 2005, he sustained a spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and was given 48 hours to live. 5 weeks in hospital and lifesaving lung surgery later, he found himself walking the streets of London. The doctors were baffled as Anjelo did not fit their typical criteria for a spontaneous pneumothorax.

Then in 2011, whilst his wife was pregnant with their first, he was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, a leiomyosarcoma. He was told that the chance of getting such cancer is less than 1%.

Despite his adversities, he was able to achieve his childhood dream by reaching Everest Base Camp.

In 2017, as part of his journey of recovery (both emotionally and physically) and self-discovery, he also found himself in North India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, being trained in Ancient Himalayan Yoga. With increasing research into the health benefits of Yoga, he has developed his own clinical style of yogic conditioning programs incorporating resistance training, pranayama and asanas: Yogaiso.

Key topics

Anjelo speaks regularly around the following topics but can work with you on the subject matter that is most affecting your organisation or audience.

Chronic Pain Recovery

Understanding the mechanisms of pain is important, as is how to explain it to a client. This topic covers everything you need to know about pain, from how it works, the disability model of pain, to what strategies are required to conquer it.

CFS / ME Recovery

Understanding the mechanisms of fatigue is important, as is how to explain it to a client. This topic covers everything you need to know about ME/CFS, from how it affects a person’s life, the life triad, to what strategies are required to conquer it.

Burnout Prevention

You will learn how burnout happens, how to recognise it before it’s too late, and how best to overcome it. We teach you a spectrum of strategies from mindfulness strategies to our Body-M protocol that will help you overcome burnout or prevent it in the first place.

Mental Health Awareness & Recovery

Based on Mental Health First Aid and Counselling strategies, this topic teaches you about different mental health conditions, how to recognise someone going through a mental illness, and support them accordingly.

Occupational Wellness

The average person spends at least 1/3 of their life working. This topic is aimed at individuals and organisations looking at strategies from establishing good culture to implementing sustainable injury prevention and wellbeing initiatives

Personal Prosperity

This topic explores the 7 key areas we need to focus on for health prosperity. We cover an array of concepts from cognitive calibration to energy optimisation.

Who should attend?

We have a range of workshops and presentations for organisations, treating health practitioners, and the general public. Check out our upcoming workshops or connect with us for more information.

People who have attended our sessions include (but not limited to):

  • Treating Health practitioners (GPs, Physios, OTs, Psychologists, EPs, Chiro, Osteo and other allied health)
  • Occupational Rehab Industry
  • People working in industries helping people with chronic illnesses
  • RTW coordinators and OHS personnel
  • Carers of sufferers with chronic illness
  • Sufferers of chronic illness

Anjelo’s Experience

Keynote speaker at industry body functions, corporate functions and governmental organisations including:

  • Workready Group Inservice
  • Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation Inservice
  • WorkAble staff training
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia / Department of Health – National Tour “Tackling Chronic Pain” 
  • Swiss Re Wellness Week: Resilience – The Craft
  • Xchanging – Peer support training
  • ESSA (QLD) Symposium

For more information on Anjelo’s upcoming speaking events please contact us today.

Corporate Consulting Testimonials

We engaged Anjelo as we identified that our employees required an avenue to address wellbeing and workplace culture. With the help of Anjelo we developed and implemented a wellness project across the organisation from the corporate staff to the production staff, incorporating an in-house physical and mental health assessment strategy, sourcing external providers for ongoing support where appropriate. Anjelo also ran session on workplace culture and self-care to help our employees embrace a positive culture. Within 4 weeks, we are seeing results.  Anjelo very quickly connects with people and easily explains the issues of everyday life (physical and emotional) that are familiar to them; he does this in a very deep, sensitive and positive way.  Through his own personal journey, he quickly engages and establishes a rapport with people; the feedback of his work to the organisation has been very positive. Anjelo has certainly made a significant positive impact within our organisation, both as a respected physiotherapist and a wellbeing practitioner in a short period of time.

Sue Bircham, HR Manager, Everest Ice cream

Client Testimonials

Extremely engaging and relevant workshop. Fantastic mix of theory and practical parts which can easily be applied to rehab. Thank you Anjelo!

Rachel Hay, Occupational Therapist (OnTrack OT)

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