FREE Pharmacy Webinar Series

This series explores the role of pharmacists in claims/schemes, chronic disease management programs, interdisciplinary teams and the support role they can play for treating practitioners. Further various medications (eg opioids, anti-depressants) will be explored together with medicinal and non-medical options for common illnesses (eg pain, fatigue, and mental illness).

Role of the Pharmacist – Webinar #1

Award-winning Pharmacist and a pioneer in Telehealth
Pharmacy, our own Nicolette Ellis talks about the
support Pharmacists provide to regional and rural GPs,
their role in interdisciplinary pain management, and
the crucial part they can play in claims management.

Opiods and Chronic Pain – Webinar #2

Despite the limited evidence for long-term use of opioids in chronic pain and its associated harms – this topic is not black and white. Managing pain requires time and effort to attend to its biopsychosocial characteristics. This presentation will provide an overview of the risk and benefits of opioid therapy, the long-term adverse effects of opioids and management strategies.

Engaging the GP – Webinar #3

How our pharmacists work closely and engage treating GPs with conversations about medicines

Medicines and Fatigue – Webinar #4

Many of the clients we see at Beyond Pain are experiencing fatigue and it is invariably assumed to be due to their medical condition(s). But did you know that some medicines can also directly cause or exacerbate fatigue? When multiple medicines are used, the risk of fatigue is increased. In this session, we will discuss medicines that can directly or indirectly cause fatigue.

The Triple AAA Campaign: Promoting Awareness, Access and Affordability for National Pain Week 2022

Chronic Pain Australia partnered with Beyond Pain for National Pain Week 2022 to raise awareness, access and affordability to the 3.6million Australians living with chronic pain. Beyond Pain consultants Nicolette, Anjelo and Brent provided their expertise in a range of short videos. Check our their brief videos below.

Introduction video to the Triple AAA campaign: Promoting Awareness, Access and Affordability

An introduction video to the Triple AAA campaign featuring our very own renowned keynote speaker and pain physiotherapist Anjelo Ratnachandra

Evaluating the benefits & risk of medicines in pain management

Our very own award-winning Pharmacist and a pioneer in Telehealth Pharmacy, Nicolette Ellis evaluates the benefits & risk of medicines in pain management

Utilising the readiness tool to manage pain and fatigue

Our very own Brent Weeks explains the use of the readiness tool in managing pain and fatigue symptoms to effectively pace your day and improve quality of life

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