Workplace Health Consulting

A tailored approach to reduce workplace injury and stress

Costs beyond the bottom line

All organisations will at some point have employees affected by chronic illness and the cost is extremely high. At Beyond Pain we offer a range of wellness programs to minimise burnout,  prevent workplace injuries and reduce office stress. We have extensive experience in occupational health consulting- working successfully with organisations on how to train staff to manage workplace challenges and implement corporate wellness programs.

Together let's ease the suffering

Beyond Pain also works with small, medium and large organisations on early injury prevention programs. Our services are tailored for customers who require injury management as a result of a workplace injury.  These injuries are not always physical-, so we also provide expert corporate wellness consulting to prevent future injuries or illness. Our engaging corporate wellness programs have proven to reduce absenteeism and improve staff engagement. Not only is this beneficial to the individual’s health but also improves the overall efficiency of a company’s workplace.

Wellbeing Programs We Offer

Connect with us at Beyond Pain, let us understand your condition and together lets overcome your pain.

Chronic Pain Management

CFS / ME Recovery

Mental Wellbeing Management

Stress Management

Burnout Prevention

Work Performance Optimisation

What our workplace health programs offer

  • Understanding key illnesses
  • Understanding wellness
  • Injury prevention services and strategies (physical and psychological)
  • Manual handling training
  • Mental health awareness training
  • Workplace Stretch, Exercise and/or Yoga programs
  • Presentations on Culture and Good Practice
  • Framework for Culture and Good Practice
  • Framework for monitoring workplace wellbeing and culture
  • Implementation of site-based assessment of injuries (physical and psychological) and appropriate referral
  • Contracting of appropriate specialist services
  • Wellbeing / Wellness coaching (group and individual)

What your workplace will take from our programs

Our programs can be tailored to a range of workplaces, not just for those in offices. By the end of our program, your organisation will:

  • Have a better understanding and appreciation of organisational wellness culture and practices
  • Be an educated workforce with a greater sense of purpose
  • Have staff that are confident in assisting and supporting people with chronic illness
  • Reduced levels of workplace stress
  • Provide effective frameworks for workplace wellbeing
  • Review strategies for the effectiveness of interventions would be in place
  • Provide appropriate services would have been sourced to assist with injury prevention and management
  • Have a high level consultancy services provided to ensure management are aware of appropriate initiatives and strategies

Why us?

With over a decade of experience, we have provided wellness health consulting to  national corporations, governmental organisations, industry bodies and councils. These plans continually aim to improve corporate wellness, which in turn helps reduce instances of chronic pain, chronic fatigue and mental illness (including stress and burnout).

To find out more about our corporate wellness and injury prevention services, please connect with us.

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