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Practical workshops tailored for better practices

Beyond Pain are highly experienced in tailored, innovative and most importantly, practical workshops with applicable strategies. The difference with our approach is that you walk away with skills and knowledge you can then utilise in your work day to day. This is very important to us so is something we put a lot of focus on.

We run a series of workshops throughout the year but we can also work with you to understand exactly what is needed within your organisation and tailor a workshop especially for you.

We have run chronic pain workshops, stress management workshops, mental health issues workshops, burnout prevention workshops to mention a few.

Anjelo in discussion during a wellness workshop

Wellness workshop documents

Wellness workshop in progress

Who should attend?

  • Treating Health practitioners (GPs, Physios, OTs, Psychologists, EPs, Chiro, Osteo and other allied health)
  • Occupational Rehab Industry
  • People working in industries helping people with chronic illnesses
  • Carers of sufferers with chronic illness
  • Sufferers of chronic illness
  • RTW coordinators and OHS personnel

How we can help

Our workshops are engaging and tailored just to suit your organisation and situation. We aim to help and educate across a range of topics with a central focus around chronic pain, chronic fatigue, mental health conditions and specific symptoms:



Performance optimisation techniques

Dos and don’ts for
Anxiety and Depression

How to manage
Chronic Pain recovery

Self-growth and
finding purpose

Chronic Fatigue
/ ME recovery

Mental health
awareness and recovery

Truths about posture
and ergonomics


Practical, effective well-being strategies for the busy individual

Empowering Conversations

Client Testimonials

Thanks, Anjelo from all of the team at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation.  Anj, you have a rare, and wonderful, ability to amalgamate sound and progressive science with charismatic and engaging presentation to provide a highly informative, very current presentation that optimally theorises, in layman’s terms, the development of chronicity in pain – and associated helplessness, with ample, highly-effective strategies to address and overcome.  Highly recommend any Allied Health Professionals assisting clients with chronic pain look to get along to one of Anj’s sessions!

John Mellors - Guardian Exercise

Client Testimonials

Anjelo is far more than just a physiotherapist. He understands the “physical health - mental health” feedback cycle.  My case up until now has been completely about the mental health harm/damage caused to me by the workplace bullying….. back in 2010. Even now, there is absolutely no way that I am able to return to work. My psychiatrist, psychologist and GP will all attest to this. But Anjelo is helping me to get on with what is left of my life, now. He is becoming a personal life-coach for me. He is helping me set up a personal weekly planner. He is helping me to set realistic, S.M.A.R.T. goals (personal, social and “professional”). He is helping me to set an achievable exercise program. But more importantly, he is monitoring me. He is kind and gentle in his approach. He is also forgiving if I haven’t been able to achieve a task. I only wish that I had come across someone like Anjelo 7 years ago. If I had, the outcome to my case might have been completely different.


Client Testimonials

Great session, very practical message and key to life claims – humanise the claims process!

Nick Boyle, Rehabilitation Counsellor (Munich Re)

Speaker Testimonials

Thanks for an awesome presentation. It was the one of, if not the best course I've been to in the last 6 years as an EP – educational, practical useful tips. I already used the traffic light analogy with my client today!

Biara Webster - Exercise Physiologist 

Client Testimonials

Extremely engaging and relevant workshop. Fantastic mix of theory and practical parts which can easily be applied to rehab. Thank you Anjelo!

Rachel Hay, Occupational Therapist (OnTrack OT)

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