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Beyond Pain are highly experienced in tailored, innovative and most importantly, practical workshops with applicable strategies. The difference with our approach is that you walk away with skills and knowledge you can then utilise in your work day to day. This is very important to us and our clients so it is something we put a lot of focus on.

We run a series of workshops throughout the year but we can also work with you to understand exactly what is needed within your organisation and tailor a workshop especially for you.

Potential topics:

  • Burnout
  • Energy optimisation techniques
  • How to manage Chronic Pain recovery
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME recovery
  • Mental health awareness and recovery
  • Effective practice
  • Self-growth and finding purpose
  • Practical, effective well-being strategies for the busy individual
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Dos and don’ts for anxiety and depression
  • Engaging in proactivecommunication and consultation
  • Truths about posture and ergonomics
  • Self care

We work with:

  • Treating Health practitioners (GPs, Physios, OTs, Psychologists, EPs, Chiro, Osteo and other allied health)
  • Occupational Rehab Industry
  • Individuals working in industries helping people with chronic illnesses
  • Carers of sufferers with chronic illness
  • Sufferers of chronic illness
  • RTW coordinators and OHS personnel

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“Hi Anj! Thanks for an awesome presentation yesterday. I told my team (Specialised Health with Brad Domek- who encouraged us to attend) at our meeting today that it was the one of, if not the best courses i’ve been to in the last 6 years as an EP for CEC- better than expected, educational, practical useful tips. I used the traffic light analogy with my client today.”

           Biara Webster