Abnormal Fight-or-Flight response in those diagnosed with COVID-19

A recent study by the Journal of Physiology has shown a link between the diagnosis of Covid-19 and the occurrence of an abnormal Fight-or-Flight response in otherwise healthy young individuals. The study proposes that the detected side-effect occurs regardless of symptom severity in the previously Covid-19 positive patients and can present either as an overactive or underactive sympathetic nervous system (SNS) response.

For example, when transitioning from lying to a tilted upright position, the COVID survivors showed an elevated sympathetic activity, followed by an exaggerated heart rate response to the change in blood pressure. Contrastly, the same COVID-19 patients demonstrated lower muscle to nerve communication and under-active SNS activity when compared to their healthy controls during an ice-cold water hand submersion test.

Considering this and all other long-term complications associated with COVID-19, we at Beyond Pain are able to effectively manage and assist individuals in returning to their pre-illness activities by providing safe, targeted and specific exercise programs, education and symptom management strategies.

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