You are not alone, we can help you!

Our Story

You are not alone – We can help you!


Beyond Pain was one of the FIRST private CLINICS of its type in AUSTRALIA, providing a specialised physiotherapy service for people with chronic/complex pain.

Our services have since EXPANDED: Over the past decade we not only help people with PAIN conditions, but also people with conditions associated with FATIGUE (eg. CFS, MS, Burnout), and MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS (eg. Anxiety, Depression, Stress).

We also provide a range of corporate services and training.

Beyond Pain was established by Anjelo Ratnachandra, an Australian PHYSIOTHERAPIST with a post-graduate qualification in COUNSELLING. He also happens to have CHRONIC PAIN…. and has experienced FIRST-HAND the associated symptoms of chronic pain.

This blend of professional knowledge, expertise, and personal experience allows Anjelo a unique insight and connection with his clients  — Put it simply…. HE GETS IT!!!

Over 2000 years ago, Aristotle said “Treatment of the part should never be attempted without treatment of the whole, that is the error of our ways, the separation of the body from the soul…”

We think Aristotle was SPOT-ON. So no matter what you have, we TACKLE your condition from both the PHYSICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL angles — giving you the best opportunity to not only recover, but also GROW!!!

Treating Health Practitioners sometimes forget that PAIN can be “physical”, “psychological”, and more often than not a “combination” of both. In fact, most conditions have a both physical and psychological components.

At BEYOND PAIN, we genuinely understand this and that when a person talks about pain, it can be MORE THAN just a painful-body-part: Think of “the pain of losing someone”, “the pain of a broken heart”, “the pain of the daily struggle”… it’s ALL PAIN…. & SUFFERING! We get this… and this is why we have had so much SUCCESS helping people.

Our clients range from busy CEOs, Business owners, Doctors, and Lawyers to Factory Workers, Retirees, Stay-at-home Mums, and, Athletes. We don’t care who you are…we only care about how we can help.



OUR PASSION: EMPOWERING our clients, and help them to BELIEVE

OUR PRACTICE: INNOVATE and implement cutting-edge recovery & well-being programs

Listen to Anjelo’s Interview with Derryn Hinch

Beyond Pain Services (including but not limited to):

  • Beyond Pain offers a SPECIALISED & TAILORED service for CHRONIC ILLNESSES such as Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, & Mental Health Disorders.
  • CONSULT individuals and organisations in a range of industries including but not limited to:
    • Compensible schemes
    • Life insurance / Income Protection
    • Occupational health & rehabilitation industries
    • Private and Governmental Organisations
    • Local, National and International Organisations
  • Run WORKSHOPS / TRAINING for groups and organisations on pain, fatigue and mental health.
  • Tailored Coaching/Work Conditioning Programs
  • Chronic Illness Prevention Programs and Strategies
  • Skype & Teleconference sessions*