Pain Awareness Week – Be Generous, Be Grateful, Be Innovative

Nicolette Ellis – Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Beyond Pain)

It’s the end of PAIN WEEK – I wanted to share this heart felt testimonial we received earlier this week, not for self-promotion, but to highlight:

1. TELEHEALTH – Don’t underestimate it’s impact
2. GROWTH can come through even the worst of adversities
3. HUMANISING rehab allows you to be SIGNIFICANT not just successful

Sandy’s case is NOT your typical case. It evolved from a truly TRAGIC situation.

She lives interstate and in 2018 was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She was accidentally run over by an elderly driver who lost control of their car. Sandy was with her granddaughter at the time. Sandy suffered horrific injuries, and worse yet, unfortunately, her granddaughter passed away.

She received some wonderful support from, Chris Mitchell, an occ rehab provider, who referred her to us in late 2019 (once he had heard of us). The Insurer also agreed. It was an outside chance to help Sandy because Pain Management through Telehealth was, let’s face it, unheard of. Sandy was also, in her own words, “reluctant”.

Fortunately, she finally agreed. We commenced our VideoHealth services in January 2020

Sandy still has a journey ahead of her, but we hope it’s not so bumpy now.

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