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Cost of chronic illness is staggering. There is a lack of access to quality services contributing to costing the industry millions if not billions of dollars annually. The Beyond Pain approach is unique and proven within the industry, helping organisations tackle this issue. We know it’s not just the financial and time cost but also the challenge of getting your high value employees back into the business.

Beyond pain is a true pioneer of this type of specialised service within the industry. We are a highly experienced team of therapists led by Anjelo who has personally recovered from chronic pain and illness and uses these strategies to improve education and implement strategies that can make a real difference.

Who we work with:

Life/Income Protection insurers:

We provide highly specialised and tailored coaching and work conditioning programs for clients with chronic illnesses such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue and mental illness. Our strength is our knowledge, passion and expertise working with chronic illness. These programs are highly successful, cost effective and individualised giving you and your clients a customer experience that is truly unique within the industry.

Our clients range from busy CEOs, Business owners, Doctors, and Lawyers to Factory Workers, Retirees, Stay-at-home Mums, and, Athletes. We don’t care who you are…we care about how we can help.

We specialise in chronic pain, chronic fatigue and mental illness (including burnout).


All organisations will at some point have employees affected by Chronic Illness and the cost is extremely high.

Beyond Pain has a huge amount of experience working successfully with organisations to train staff on how to manage these challenges and implement programs to support their employees in getting back to work.

Beyond Pain can also work with you to develop policies and early intervention programs to minimise the risk and effect of these issues within your organisation.

With over a decade of experience, we have worked with national corporations, governmental organisations, Industry bodies and Councils specialising in chronic pain, chronic fatigue, mental illness (including burnout).

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“Thanks, Anjelo from all of the team at Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation.  Anj, you have a rare, and wonderful, ability to amalgamate sound and progressive science with charismatic and engaging presentation to provide a highly informative, very current presentation that optimally theorizes, in layman’s terms, the development of chronicity in pain – and associated helplessness, with ample, highly-effective strategies to address and overcome.  Highly recommend any Allied Health Professionals assisting clients with chronic pain look to get along to one of Anj’s sessions!”

John Mellors (Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation)