Empowering Conversation

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Empowering Conversation

Empowering Conversation

I started putting pen to paper for a piece on EMPOWERING CONVERSATIONS. Then Rod sent me this email….

“Hi Anjelo,

Yesterday (Wednesday 23rd) was the third anniversary of my accident. It was a day of mixed emotions, but the standout feeling was of excitement to acknowledge where I have come from with a really positive outlook for the future.

 Linda and I are spending the week at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast and three years ago I didn’t think I’d be learning to play golf again.

 This email is to say THANK YOU to all of you for your invaluable contribution to my recovery, for which I am extremely grateful.

 I now have to go to practice my putting!!

 With much appreciation,


….. Rod”


The “HUMAN SPIRIT” has greater strength than the mind or the body alone.

— When you SOURCE the Fuel that really drives it (for Rod – his passion for Golf), suddenly, it is no longer about just pain management or recovery….

it BECOMES more about Achievements, Happiness & Growth

In Rod’s case: ADVERSARIAL GROWTH!!!” or Growth through adversity!

Rod still has a non-functional right arm & continues to suffer from chronic pain.

***BUT his goals are no longer about getting his arm to work again, or getting rid of the pain… they are about playing golf, driving a car, and enjoying life:-

Pain relief is no longer the goal… rather a strategy to attain a HIGHER, more DESIRED goal with PURPOSE and MEANING.

AND…. here’s the thing… Rod is NOT MEANT TO BE ALIVE

3-YRS ago, Rod lost control of his motorbike while riding with friends on a country road. He veered off the road and over an embankment. He hit a tree and was eventually thrown from the bike.

A lot of LUCK — landing in a way that blocked a bleeding major artery — and PRIMAL instincts, kept him alive.

A tough couple of years of rehab and trying to manage his physical and psychological suffering, our paths finally crossed.

And whilst the exercise program, stretches, and other self-management strategies helped – not to forget his wife’s efforts in finding appropriate aids and equipment, what really got things changing for a better was PERSPECTIVE, and a hunger to be better — as a person.

Our CONVERSATIONS about his life’s PURPOSE, MEANING, & GOALS triggered his spirit and shifted his focus in a more fruitful direction – the result of “Empowering Conversations!”

His goals changed, his mindset changed, and ATTITUDE towards his rehab program changed… and as has the suffering but not necessarily the pain…. The photos/email speaks volumes….

The health profession need further training in the art of EMPOWERING CONVERSATIONS!


Rod, you are TRULY an INSPIRATION. Thank you for your email and photo… I am grateful that I was able to contribute towards your recovery and growth.

Well done CHAMP… x2 Left Hooks!!