Senior Clinical Pharmacist

B Pharm, MPS, B Bus

Nicolette is a senior clinical pharmacist, consultant, and educator specialising in chronic, persistent pain for over 5 years. She is an advocate for health consumer’s timely access to multi-disciplinary teams specialised in persistent pain.

Nicolette’s expertise lies in her ability to develop reports and liaise with local GPs regarding medication plans. She provides easily actionable and safe recommendations and stepwise approaches to starting for starting, changing, or ceasing medications. In addition, Nicolette has significant experience working in multidisciplinary settings. More recently, she travelled the country teaching other pharmacists about pain management and liaising with GPs in the context of persistent pain management. This specialist experience means she is only but a handful of pharmacists with these unique skills in the country.

Aside from being a part of our team, Nicolette also practices as Senior Clinical Pharmacist at a persistent pain program. Like many clinicians who have been touched by the complexity of persistent pain, Nicolette brings her passion, expertise and own unique perspective to her practice.

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