Practical Wellbeing Strategies for the Busy Individual

LAST WEEK, I was invited to present to the wider Rehab Team at MLC on “Practical Wellbeing Strategies for the Busy Individual”. It followed on from my presentation last year at the International Mental Health conference on Mental Health Wellbeing.

An ESSENTIAL topic, particularly now, as we feel the STRESS of re-adjusting to being back at work, whilst juggling family & other commitments (amongst random lockdowns!!). It is great to see organisations such as MLC being PROACTIVE in this space.

At Beyond Pain, the word “PAIN” is not defined as a symptom; PAIN represents far more to us than that: it represents the physical and/or emotional STRUGGLES of life. In my session, we explored ways to recognise the struggle through the Hierarchy of Being model, learnt how to be more significant through a single, POWERFUL question, and practised quick and easy practical well-being strategies for those whose lives are too BUSY to get to a gym!

The feedback has been great! Thank you Josh Agar and team for inviting me to present on such a passionate topic of mine.

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